Soamiji Maharaj

(1) RADHASOAMI Nam whoever recites, gets across the ocean of life; troubles vanish, bliss abides, and gone's complete all strife.

(2) Such is this unfathomable Name that to none secrets are known, he who comes to know the same is no more on the earth born.

(3) By reciting RADHASOAMI Nam let thy life most fruitful be; this is the true and real Nam keep IT innermost within thee.

(4) Wondrous is SOAMI'S grandeur; except RADHA, the Spirit Prime, no one can see the splendour, supreme, spiritual, sublime.

(5) In form and state not manifest is RADHASOAMI Nam in that place; there none can reach and rest without His mercy and grace.

(6) I pay my obeisance before RADHASOAMI by whose grace and mercy, innumerable Jivas are being awakened.

(7) I bow again and again before Sat Guru and before the Lotus region and Satnam.

(8) He is the beginning of all, but Himself without a beginning. He is Anam since times immemorial. He has come here from His august abode as Sant Incarnate.

(9) He has launched a boat in the ocean (of existence) to enable Jivas to get across. He mercifully takes us in the boat.

(10) He impresses firmly the importance of Shabd, discloses the true essence of Surat (spirit) and saves Jivas from karam and bharam (formal rituals and superstitions).

(11) I bow before Him ten million times. I prostrate myself before Him thousand million times, and again prostrate hundred thousand million times. I have found RADHASOAMI. The very Spring and Fountain-head of Bhakti (devotion) has been revealed to me.

(12) He teaches a unique mode of Bhakti (devotion) of which the Vedas and other scriptures had no idea.

(13) Sat Purush resides in the fourth Lok. There Sants dwell in everlasting beatitude.

(14) The secrets of that abode are revealed by the perfect Guru. There resounds a wonderful melody of Bin (harp).

(15) Beyond is the darbar (sphere) of Alakh Purush, which can only be perceived by Surat (or spirit entity).

(16) Above that is Agam Lok which is unique. Only Sant Surats enjoy that bliss.

(17) From there is visible the eternal terrace of the most marvellous mansion of the Supreme Father RADHASOAMI DAYAL.

(18) My Surat is now in an exalted state of ecstasy; it has merged in Anami Purush.

Kabir Saheb

Shabd 1

(1) There nectar is dripping and filling up the lake, and celestial Shabd is resounding. There an overflowing river dries up the ocean! How can it be described?

(2) There are neither the moon, the sun and the stars; nor is there night.

(3) Harp, flute and guitar are being played. Melodious sound of Rarankar is audible.

(4) There is illumination of millions of lights or flames. It is raining but not water.

(5) Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and Sarda only make guess as to what He is.

(6) The ten incarnations of Brahm instinctively sing sweet praises of Him.

(7) Kabir says that these secrets are known to some rare ones only.

(8) Those who know the secrets will not again come to the region of Kal, the unjust and cruel.

Shabd 2

(1) Only some rare devout devotee will know about My Abode. The Vedas and other heavenly books have no clue to it. It is indescribable.

(2) There is no distinction of caste, sect or race, nor are there any religious practices, rites or observances.

(3) There without water it rains heavily and it is neither sweet nor brackish.

(4) In Sunn, fiddle and guitar are audible.

(5) There without clouds flashes of lightning are seen and there is light without the sun.

(6) There pearls are strung without eyes and melodious sounds are produced without throat.

(7) If one secures access there, one will have darshan of Brahm. What lies beyond is agam and apar (infinte and inaccessible).

(8) Kabir says that that is His residence. It is known only to devout devotees.