Samples of Correspondence of the Radhasoami Faith

There is no greater sin than suicide. Never think of it in the least. It will do you no good. Karams are, of course, being exhausted and eradicated. As their burden is lightened, greater facility will be obtained. The state of suffering and helplessness in which one commits suicide continues for a long time. This causes great pain. The trouble is not mitigated or removed by suicide. On the other hand, it is very much aggravated. Whatever, condition may supervene, should be borne with patience and reliance on the mercy of Radhasoami Dayal... Babuji Maharaj from Biography of Babuji Maharaj

In every family domestic troubles occur and shall always occur. They are necessary for the correction of the mind to keep it under some pressure to prevent it from going astray... Babuji Maharaj from Biography of Babuji Maharaj

All that is required from a Satsangi is his trustful reliance on and implicit faith in Huzur Radhasoami Dayal's grace and mercy, leaving the fulfilment of temporal and spiritual interests to the Mauj of Radhasoami Dayal who alone knows what is best in your interests.... Babuji Maharaj from Biography of Babuji Maharaj

In a matter of such vital importance as acceptance of a spiritual guide, your search should be so thorough as to leave no doubt in your mind as to his being the one you are in search of. With this object in view, you may, if you please, pursue your enquiries with an open mind in the direction referred to in your card and should not be in any hurry at any time. The time spent in such search should not be considered to be wasted.... Babuji Maharaj from Biography of Babuji Maharaj

What the Radhasoami Faith promises in the case of an ordinary human being (I am not speaking of specially gifted persons), is that if a person devotes himself with earnestness and sincerity to the methods of devotion, prescribed by Radhasoami Dayal, he will, within a few years or even shorter term, gain such internal experiences of the presence and tangible force of the Supreme Father Himself, that will leave him in no doubt as to the absolute correctness of the Faith adopted and the eventual result aimed at, with occasional moments of ineffable bliss and joy. He would also realize within himself the true features of the teachings of the Radhasoami Faith, beyond any reasonable doubt, and the absolute superiority of the Faith over others.... Babuji Maharaj from Biography of Babuji Maharaj

A married life is not only not detrimental to the interests of a devotee but helpful to him to a certain extent. The life of a house holder is best suited for a Satsangi but inordinate indulgence should not be allowed.... Babuji Maharaj from Biography of Babuji Maharaj

..Man is so constituted that, if he adopts an idiot as a guru who is totally devoid of Parmarthi gain; he is complacent. In fact, he has an opportunity of indulging in recreation there, which he considers to be Parmarth. No doubt artless and unsophisticated persons fall into the trap of such gurus. But even this is due to their past Karams.... Babuji Maharaj

The Supreme Father has in His infinite grace ordained a unique means of locomotion from here to His high abode, viz., the current of His own spirit unmixed with anything else. Herein lies the immense superiority of the Radhasoami Faith over others, which employ as the means of ascent a medium more or less intermixed with matter. ... Babuji Maharaj