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 Radhasoaomi Satsang
 Soami Bagh, Agra 282005, India

Phone: +91-562-3271569 or +91-562-2570335

1. Accommodation
Non-Satsangis can not stay overnight in Soami Bagh.
Satsangis visiting Soami Bagh and requiring accommodation should include your Name, complete addresss with postal code, email ID, contact numbers, expected date and time of arrival, expected date and time of departure, number of persons visiting, no of rooms required. A few air-conditioned rooms are also available.
2. Bhent - Monetary offering (Satsangis Only)
by way of Money Order, Cheque, Bank Draft.
For direct transfer to the satsang bank account please write mentioning the amount to be offerred as Bhent.
Request for Prashad by including your name and complete address with postal code, phone no, and email id.
For General Questions on the Radhasoami Faith
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Place a book order request.
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Please specify the language with each group of books you wish to purchase. Printed books are heavy and incur high postage charges.
This will initiate an email correspondence. You will receive a response in the near future. Please make sure you have entered your correct email address.
Books are online for PDF download in English or Hindi

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